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Etna Sud


BSc Natural Sciences | MSc Environmental Biology
PhD Student in Biology at UniNa
Plant Ecophysiology and Astrobiology



I graduated with honors in the Natural Sciences BSc course at University of Florence, Italy. I have always been interested in all scientific disciplines and visual arts: an interest towards the documentary field and science communication was born working with Terza Cultura.

During my BSc courses, I attended the Astrobiology course at University of Florence, held by Prof. J.R. Brucato. I was fascinated by these topics and so, I decided to deep my knowledge in the discipline, working on my thesis research at the INAF Astrobiology Lab.

My BSc thesis was focused on the spectroscopical analysis and vitality assessment of the lichen species Xanthoria parietina (L.) Th. Fr. in simulated space conditions. During this work, I was supported also by Prof. A. Papini, Prof. R. Benesperi and PostDoc E. Bianchi from the Biology Department of University of Florence and PostDoc G. Poggiali from LESIA-Observatoire de Paris.

My MSc thesis represented then, the obvious sequel of the bachelor's one. Specifically, I got the opportunity to perform my experimental activity at DLR - Berlin thanks to Dr. J.P. de Vera and the supervision of Dr. M. Baqué. The master thesis was focused on the survivability of Xanthoria parietina in Mars simulated conditions for 30 days. 

Currently I am PhD student at Biology department, University of Naples Federico II, Italy. 

Academic Interests: Astrobiology, Space Exploration, Eco-physiology, Environmental Biology and Evolutionary Biology. 

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