Etna Sud


BSc Natural Sciences
Master Student Environmental Biology
Studying Astrobiology


I am a graduated BSc Natural Sciences student, based in Florence, Italy. I have always been interested in all scientific disciplines and visual arts. An interest towards the documentary field was born working as science communicator with Terza Cultura. During my bachelor's degree I attended the Astrobiology course at University of Florence, held by Prof. J.R. Brucato. I was fascinated by this course and so I decided to deep my knowledge in the subject, working on my thesis research at the INAF Astrobiology Lab. My bachelor's degree thesis was focused on the spectroscopical analysis and vitality assessment of the lichen species Xanthoria parietina in simulated space conditions. In this way, Astrobiology became one of my main study interests. During this work, I was supported also by Prof. A. Papini, Prof. R. Benesperi from the Biology Department of University of Florence and PostDoc E. Bianchi from the Environmental Sciences Department of University of Siena.

Through what I do, I really would like to involve more people in the research field and in the environmental issues.
Currently I am attending University of Florence for Master Degree in Environmental Biology. 

Academic Interests: Astrobiology, Space Exploration, Environmental Biology and Evolutionary Biology.